Denise Schneyer

Each piece I complete is a window into my thoughts about life. I am inspired to create art by my surroundings, whether it is nature, music or relationships. Art is a therapy for the stresses of daily life and I find comfort in the act of creating. The focus of my art has changed in both medium and subject as I grow older and wiser about life and has recently moved into abstract images full of color and movement. I no longer attempt to duplicate the visions I have of nature, as I realize it is impossible to duplicate the beauty around us. Instead I have allowed myself the freedom to enjoy the creativity of art and the resulting artwork is more passionate, spontaneous and above all… fun. I hope the viewer enjoys each piece as I do and sees in each one something that reminds them of the world around us.

Denise Schneyer

August Artist of the Month: Denise Schneyer
The Creative Arts Society is an Austin based, non-profit 501(c)(3) thriving arts organization actively promoting the development of the \"Art- ist in Everyone\" for the expanding growth and diversity of our community.

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The Creative Arts Society (CAS) meets on the first Wednesday of each month except January, July, and August. The meeting is held on the 10th floor of the ACC Pinnacle Campus, 7748 West 290, Austin, Texas, in the Faculty Lounge.
Networking and socializing begins at 6:30 PM. The meeting begins at 7 PM and is comprised of a short business meeting usually followed by a program reflecting one of the many diversified artistic mediums represented by the membership or information pertaining to the marketing of art. This may include demonstration of techniques, slide shows, and/or guest speakers who present meaningful suggestions about being successful in the business of art.
Artists are always encouraged to bring samples of their artistic creations for the group to view. Learn More
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154 Square Inches
July 31, 2015—August 31, 2015

Join us for a reception: August 8th, 6–8pm
This is a very special CAS exhibition featuring small works from our members including pastels, oil, watercolor, acrylics, fiber art, photography, and more.

Link & Pin ArtSpace
2235 East Sixth Street #102 Austin, TX 78702

Gallery Hours:

2–6pm, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
11am–4pm, Sunday

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154 Square Inches
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Welcome to CAS!

The Creative Arts Society is an Austin based, non-profit 501(c)(3) thriving arts organization actively promoting the development of the “Artist in Everyone” for the expanding growth and diversity of our community. Our vision is to be a vital presence in the community inspiring: Cultural enrichment, Community participation, and respect for diversity. Our goal is to increase awareness and appreciation for and through the Arts.

Presidents Message

I hope each of you are having a wonderful summer with family and friends and the paint brush, camera, clay or whatever your art medium is.  It is nice to have a change in pace without the normal school traffic and etc. while traveling to work or just driving through Austin.  In your more relaxed state of mind, I have some questions to ask you and I hope you will give considerable thought to these questions.

As you know I have been President of CAS for nearly two years  My term as President will be over with the December meeting and we will need a new President.  Would you consider running for President If you are interested in this office, please contact Liz Jensen as she is the Nominating Chairperson.  Her email is [email protected]

In addition to a new President, we will need a new Exhibit Coordinator and a new Events Coordinator.  The exhibit coordinator will be in charge of the regular venues such as Cypress Grill, Amplify Credit Unions, CPL and etc.  The Special Events Coordinator will be in charge of juried shows such as the Dougherty, Link & Pin and other events.  Both positions are the center and core of Creative Arts Society.  If you enjoy meeting CAS members and working with people at the venues, one of these positions will be for you.  Because of the number of shows we do each year (about 60+) is why we will have two separate coordinators in the future.

Speaking of venues, we have a new venue called Orange Co-working Group.  This venue is a South Austin location with Leslie Kell and Jane Fier as the venue coordinators. Leslie and Jane will be sharing information about this location and the details of showing CAS art at Orange.

As you can see, we have lots of things going on in CAS with on-going shows and looking for our members to step up and take on the management of CAS.  In addition, I want to say it has been an honor to be President of CAS last year and this year.  CAS members are wonderful and I have made many new friends.

Our next meeting is September 2nd.  We have a great program planned and more door prizes from my art closet.  See you then, Sharon


Special Announcements

To become a member of Creative Arts Society, please go to Membership Info to complete the application. You can pay your dues, hanging fee and entry fees on PayPal. If you want to be included in our exhibits which includes the website, then complete and sign the waiver and release. The waiver and release states that CAS does not have any liability for your art nor does the venue where the art is hanging. The signed release also gives CAS the right to show your artwork on our website, newsletter, Facebook, and other advertising as deemed appropriate for CAS.