Dena Wenmohs
I live a life of art, by both painting every day and by owning a small art school just west of Austin on the Wenmohs Ranch. I have the advantage of staying in contact many artists by the gathering we have every Tuesday on my ranch as well as meeting all of the artist who take classes here. Over time, I have come up with my own way of painting, which is to do lots of drips and lots of layers using transparent and opaque paints. I used to do the painting a day thing. That was long ago. Now, I take my time. I don’t want to hurry it. I just want to enjoy the process of seeing what each new layer will reveal.
March Artist of the Month: Dena Wenmohs
The Creative Arts Society is an Austin based, non-profit 501(c)(3) thriving arts organization actively promoting the development of the \"Art- ist in Everyone\" for the expanding growth and diversity of our community.

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About CAS
UPCOMING meeting
April 1, 2015
Program: Show and Tell

The Creative Arts Society (CAS) meets on the first Wednesday of each month except January, July, and August. The meeting is held on the 10th floor of the ACC Pinnacle Campus, 7748 West 290, Austin, Texas, in the Faculty Lounge. Networking and socializing begins at 6:30 PM. The meeting begins at 7 PM and is comprised of a short business meeting usually followed by a program reflecting one of the many diversified artistic mediums represented by the membership or information pertaining to the marketing of art. This may include demonstration of techniques, slide shows, and/or guest speakers who present meaningful suggestions about being successful in the “business of art.” Artists are always encouraged to bring samples of their artistic creations for the group to view.
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Upcoming Meeting
January 8, 2015 – April 9, 2015

4214 N Capital of Texas Hwy., Austin, TX

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Riverbend Inspirational Gallery
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Welcome to CAS!

The Creative Arts Society is an Austin based, non-profit 501(c)(3) thriving arts organization actively promoting the development of the “Artist in Everyone” for the expanding growth and diversity of our community. Our vision is to be a vital presence in the community inspiring: Cultural enrichment, Community participation, and respect for diversity. Our goal is to increase awareness and appreciation for and through the Arts.

Presidents Message

MARCH is the month of WIND, APRIL is the month of SHOWERS and MAY is the month for FLOWERS. We are now in the month of March and the wind is blowing in a wonderful program for the March meeting. We are scheduled for the “Show & Tell” of members art. This is the time for each of us to bring 2 paintings. The paintings can be started, completed or problem solving. This interaction with each other is helpful to all. This type of meeting helps us to see from another person’s point of view, as well as give each person an idea to problem solve their own paintings. Great program and I look forward to seeing the paintings and the ideas shared.

The show at North Hills Gallery deadline has come and gone. Your images have been sent to the Juror, Aly Chapman. As soon as she has completed the jurying process and made her selections you will be notified. This exhibit will also have cash awards. Mrs. Chapman will select the paintings for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place after the paintings have been hung. The cash awards will be presented at the reception. We will also have a people choice selection. It is always fun to observe our guests determining their favorite painting.

So far, we have sold 6 paintings at the Riverbend Inspirational Gallery. The exhibit has been up about 6 weeks and will remain up until April 6th. I hope we sell many more before the show is taken down. Last Sunday I spoke with Maxine Roberts, artist and the one that organized the gallery at Riverbend. Maxine is also a well-known artist in Austin. She shared with me that in her opinion, our exhibit is the best one she has seen at the gallery and we have had more sales than other exhibits. She also stated that having dedicated artists to be present on Sunday morning and for special events is the added touch. She hopes we will have another exhibit in the Inspirational Gallery next year. That is the kind of feedback that makes it all worthwhile.

Creative Arts Society is doing so well. We have several new and talented members during the month of January and February. I am looking forward to seeing your art and what talents you will bring to this organization. We also have so many talented and professional members that have been with Creative Arts Society for years. Keeping our members and getting new ones keeps the organization strong and alive. I truly believe this organization can do anything in the art world that we set our hearts to do. I believe in each of you.

Thank you,
Sharon Bibbee, President

Special Announcements

To become a member of Creative Arts Society, please go to Membership Info to complete the application. You can pay your dues, hanging fee and entry fees on PayPal. If you want to be included in our exhibits which includes the website, then complete and sign the waiver and release. The waiver and release states that CAS does not have any liability for your art nor does the venue where the art is hanging. The signed release also gives CAS the right to show your artwork on our website, newsletter, Facebook, and other advertising as deemed appropriate for CAS.