CAS Member Gallery and Exhibits

Through CAS, our members have the opportunity to include their work in shows year round at a variety of locations including Cypress Grill, Clinical Pathology Lab, Hecho En Mexico on William Cannon and Amplify Credit Union (three locations around town).

Members do sell work at exhibits!

Our members are selling art at our exhibits such as Cypress Grill, Clinical Pathology Lab, Amplify Credit Union (three locations around town), North Hills Gallery and Dougherty Art Center.

New exhibit opportunities

Members receive email announcements prior to exhibit deadlines. All information needed to submit work is included in the announcement, including any theme, any size requirements as well as duration of the exhibit.

Guidelines: Artists are notified of each exhibit via email. The call for art includes all the information the artist will need to participate in the shows.

Label info: The artist will respond to the exhibit coordinator’s call for art with the following information:

  • Title of art
  • Medium
  • Artist Name
  • Price
  • Size
  • Cell phone number and home phone number
  • Website if available
  • Email address

The coordinators will prepare the name tags for the shows

Only the artwork submitted to the exhibit coordinator will be accepted at the venue. No last minute substitutions will be accepted.

Prior to exhibiting in a CAS venue, the artist must sign the Waiver and Release forms.

CAS members are expected to participate in hanging the art at shows with the Exhibit Coordinator.

Prior to participating in the on-going exhibits, all CAS members must sign and submit a release form and also a Creative Arts Society waiver form.

Rules for Hanging

  • Dues must be paid prior to hanging in any CAS Venue.
  • CAS must have signed waiver and release from the artist prior to hanging art work.
  • All art must be delivered to the venue site timely as stated in the call for art.
  • All art must be collected by the artist or authorized person at the time of the strike/closing date.
  • All art work not picked up on the strike date will be charged $10.00 per day for Storage/Penalty Fee.
  • All art work must hang for the entire show.
  • One exception to hanging for the entire show is if the art work is sold.
  • Before a sold piece of art is removed from the exhibit, the CAS Coordinator must be notified at the time of the sale.
  • Creative Arts Society receives a 15% commission on all art sales made at our venues. The commission is to be paid within 15 days from the date of the sale.
  • All art work must hang for the entire show unless approved by the Exhibit Coordinator.
  • CAS will refuse any artwork:
    • Deemed inappropriate (must be family friendly), art work should be appropriate for the general public, including children.
    • CAS will not include in any exhibit artwork that has nudes, graphic violence, or deemed inappropriate by the venue.
  • All artwork must be ready for hanging.
    • Frames must be in good condition.
    • NO Saw Tooth hooks allowed.
    • Wire on the back of the frame in good condition.
    • Wire must be low enough on the frame that the hanger will not show once hung.
  • CAS assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged goods.
  • It is the responsibility of the artist to confirm with the venue coordinator that the label information has been received.
  • Only art agreed to in the call of art will be hung in the venue. No last minute substitutes will be accepted.
  • Label information the venue coordinator will need to prepare labels for the show will include:
    • Title
    • Medium
    • Price
    • Artist Name
    • Telephone/Cell Number
    • Website or email address – artist choice
    • Size: Height first – Width second – 16H x 20W

Contact CAS Exhibit/Show Coordinator at [email protected]